Talent Regulations

Talent Regulations Guidelines

 In order to work with Kool Kids Talent Agency, you must abide by these guidelines at all times:

  • You are responsible for arranging a photo session for your own headshots and updating them every year or any time you change your hairstyle or appearance.
  • We require you to sign up with Casting Workbook shortly after your admission to the agency. Support each skill with a matching photo on this website.
  • Register your profile on Casting Networks. We will provide an agency code.
  • Open a profile on Actors Access and choose your representative in the settings.
  • If you take a vacation – please let us know two weeks in advance.
  • Once a booking for work is accepted always keep the entire day open.
  • Don’t change your hairstyle or any part of your appearance when booked for a role or shortly after an audition.
  • Arrive on time and ready for work.
  • Memorize your part and be ready to follow directions/actions.
  • Call your agent if you have any questions on set.
  • It is a conflict of interest to hire more than one talent agency in British Columbia.


There are no fees to join Kool Kids Talent Agency!

We will do our best to promote you to any potential projects!

We are submitting actors for paid jobs only!