Talent Regulations


a) You are responsible for your own headshot (8 x 10). Please, only print headshots after agency approval (e-mail it first).

b) You may photograph your baby by yourself (without a hat) and smiling. Please, provide the photo to us first. It can be a regular photo 5 x 7 taken every 3 months till age 2.

c) The agency will need an updated headshot (electronically) each year or any time you change your hairstyle or appearance.


a)     Print, fill out and mail the registration form together with one headshot and an agreement after the agency approval.

b)    Make your own resume with the Kool Kids Talent letterhead and e-mail it to us.

c)     It is your responsibility to sign up for Casting Workbook ($99/year) shortly after your admission to the agency.

d)    When the agency decides to give you access to Actors Access – please carefully use this possibility to write all known information, including your DOB, resume, skills and two headshots.

e)     Your full registration is also necessary on our website, which is often used for commercials: prints, ads and magazines.

f)     There is no registration cost to join Kool Kids Talent Agency.


Voice-over demos should be provided, if you are interested in voice-over work (MP3 format: 1min long). The demos should be in commercial, narration, animation and (if you can) one other language.


Always have your resume and a headshot, when you get called to an audition.

It is a conflict of interest to hire more than one talent agency in BC.